I'm Cata

Diseñadora Grafica - Multimedia - Graphic Designer


I have over 5 years of experience in Digital Design. I design websites for development, make pieces for marketing and advertisement in websites and social networks. I also make  animated infographics and story telling videos.  

I am … like OMG superfast.  I promise I’ll answer ASAP, and I will have your work done always before getting close to the deadline. (Be reasonable though) 

I am collaborative, dilligent and methodic, very responsible, punctual, patient, and sometimes, a little funny.

I work everyday with Illustrator, Photoshop and After Effects, I also do the WordPress and HTML and CSS thing. 

I am an excellent team player. I will try to help who and where I can, and I will voice my opinion when needed. (I may say something without being asked, but doesn’t happen often) 

And as a human being, a bit snarky and unnecessarily mean. But in a nice way. My dog likes me if that says something!

Latest video project

An invitation video to take a look at ActiveState’s report for Python2 End of Life

Some examples

like... in life...

My humble skills

Web Design 76%
Windows Paint 100%
Sketch 72%
Adobe Photoshop 79%
Adobe After Effects 50%
Adobe Illustrator 67%
Lottie 65%